Program / Schedule

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This page contains all live stream info and we will strive to keep it up to date with the latest. Detailed schedule of performances available on public Google Doc (subject to change wildly)

Due to the coronavirus outbreak (see our event notice), we are changing up the format of this year’s Bach Around the Clock completely — and hopefully we will be streaming online!

Bach Around the Clock – B/CS Live Stream(s)

We are working fervently to provide online participation and listening over the internet during this 2020 Covid outbreak for responsible quarantine and “social distancing.” Please join us in to help honor Bach and to stick it to Corona!

YouTube Live stream:
(New for Saturday– and it seems to work!)

Additionally, try this audio stream in browser:

(Bear with us — we’re just learning this madness now, and things will certainly change)

Other streams may present themselves over the weekend: Watch Facebook for this.

Musicians (How to Participate)

Solos: Facebook Live and YouTube Live are going to be best for one-way, solo performances. YouTube Live takes 24hrs to activate on your account and some additional software download and configuration to get going. Facebook Live is super simple and very trendy to do. Also, it is my hope that we can get a JamKazam “session” going into which any musician in it can take the seat and play into our YouTube Live stream.

Duets and Ensembles: Please sign yourself up (free) at, download and install (free) the software required to make it run on your Windows/Mac desktop or laptop, and join our jam session (TBA). This is a must for playing in realtime together with another over the internet: No other service or software was identified that is suitable for this– and this is fantastic for it. This Jam Session will be streamed to our YouTube Live. Also: This takes some time to set up, so get it going soon, eh? I think we’ll be leaning on this a lot in the coming months.

Gonna be hard doing those baroque trills with how many fingers are being crossed to pull this off!

March 20 – Friday Evening


March 21 – Saturday All Day

Scheduled music!

Bring your instrument(s) sight-reading hour

Bring your voice – Sight-reading Bach chorales together

Brunch by Dine-in-Dude available for purchase 11am – 2pm

“Instrument Petting Zoo” – Bring your little ones for a hands-on, guided visit with a violin, cello, or other instrument.

“First Notes” – At the top of each hour, we will provide free, group violin lessons from zero to simple song!