Bach Around the Clock – Brazos Valley B/CS Event Amidst Coronavirus COVID-19

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As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, CDC strongly encourages event organizers and staff to prepare for the possibility of outbreaks in their communities.

For local information see Brazos County Health Department recommendations.

This page is to help you follow the very latest information about Bach Around the Clock in B/CS amidst Covid 19 social distancing and quarantine.

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UPDATED March 20, 2020:

Bach Around the Clock WILL NOT take place at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on March 20 and 21 due to the increasing presence of COVID 19 in our immediate area and the increasing strictures on public gatherings. Our principal concern is keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Instead, many of our performers are determined to carry on with sharing this timeless music and are planning to live stream* their Bach selections from home at various times Friday evening, on Saturday during the day, and in future weeks. 

Updates about live streams as it or they come online will be posted

Additional Info about Covid in the Brazos Valley

A trusted source in the medical community has shared some sobering facts, in addition to reiterating that this is a new virus with no vaccine or treatment, and that during the incubation period, which ranges from a few days to 2 weeks, before any symptoms even show, an unsuspecting carrier can shed and spread the viral infection.

We all know to cough into our sleeves and avoid person-to-person contact, to keep our distance, to wash our hands,  and  that the virus is not only airborne, but also survives on surfaces, hence disinfect surfaces, especially doorknobs, etc. .    There is a new concern in that it may also spread by fecal-oral transmission, stool samples remaining positive after the respiratory samples tested negative, up to 12 days.

So we repeat WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

Original Covid-19 Post

We are still planning to hold Bach Around the Clock B/CS as scheduled but in different form. We feel it is our honor and joy to celebrate Mr. Bach on his Birthday as planned, but we need to do so in the most responsible manner as appropriate during this Covid19/Coronavirus outbreak. We are following all of CDC/WHO guidelines as well as local health advisory and facility rules and requests: This year, Bach Around the Clock will be, to the best of our abilities, streamed* live. Short of that, it will be a fairly private/intimate affair.

Our schedule will remain the same, except we are asking no audience to attend in-person. The stream will be made public once it is established. There will be no instrument petting zoo, hourly group lessons (thank you, thank you to Thorn Music Center for your willingness to participate for the third year and to all the teachers who had agreed to volunteer their time), nor Dine-in-Dude “Bach for Brunch” this year.

Bach transcends all, and we offer his music as a source of inspiration and comfort during this challenging time.

* Regarding streaming: If you have experience (and special equipment?) and wish to help make this a success, please get in touch!